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Are you looking to buy a water bed for your home but not sure where to buy it from? Visit Montgomery Mattress in Ardmore, OK. We have everything for your water bed including liners, bladder, heaters and mattresses. Look no further, head to our store today and you wouldn't regret your decision!

  • Total body support

  • Total back support

  • Minimal surface pressure

  • Hygienic surface

  • Controllable sleeping temperature

  • Good durability

Montgomery Mattress will be happy to explain the benefits of getting a water bed.

  • Liners

  • Bladder

  • Heaters

  • Water treatments

  • Water conditioners

  • Mattresses

Call us today to learn more about water beds.


Benefits of Water Beds

Buy a Quality Water Bed

The aim of our company is to help you make your living space a happy one. We have a range of products and services to choose from. Our company was established in the year 1951 and we are here to help you with all your home needs. Give us a call today or walk into our

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